Buy GC 9600 Whitening Gold Online (Japan)



Buy GC 9600 Whitening Gold Online (Japan)

Buy GC 9600 Whitening Gold Online (Japan)

Benefit : GC 9600 Whitening Gold

– Fastest Whitening Skin

Prevent nosebleeds, miscarriages.

Maintenance of blood vessels. Reduce varicose veins.

The treatment and prevention of disorders of menstruation.

– Prevent cancer and heart disease.

Prevent blood clotting.

Reduce cholesterol levels.

Strengthening the premature aging of skin collagen.

Prevention of infection. Enhance immunity.

The impact of pollution, pesticides, and alcohol.

Have the ability to reduce the pain from the injury.

Restoration of the liver.

Reduce the symptoms of eye disease.

Strengthening the walls of blood vessels.



Glutathione 9600 mg.

Bioflavonoids 100 mg.

Vitamin C 1250 mg.


Packing :  5 Vials

dosage :  1 injection per week in first month

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