GC 3000 Super Whitening



GC 3000 Super Whitening

GC 3000 Super Whitening

GC 3000 Super Whitening (Japan) Suitable for dark skin. See results fast. Ingredient Glutathione 3000 mg Vitamin C 1250 mg Packing Glutathione 10 Vials Vit C 10 Vials Dosage : 1 injection per week in first month. GC 40000 Nano Glutathione from JAPAN The glutathione that have been the most popular girls in Japan, 90 out of every 100 people in comfortable, healthy skin whitening products when not used. GC 40000 Nano Glutathione with glutathione imported from Japan up to 40,000 mg., And also joins together with extracts of Cranberry 1,500 mg. The skin helps to 5 times faster than the original and also the Collagen Peptide 500 mg. Helps strengthen your skin moist and soft. Kids like skin forever. And Grape seed extract 1,500 mg. Substance pure purple grape seed extract helps to neutralize free radicals Il question. Higher than vitamin C and 20 times the first. The most important ingredient for Asian Royal Gally Extract 3,000 mg. Could help maintain youthful aging and helps to adjust. Balance of hormones in your body to keep skin youthful locks to stay with you forever. Ingredients: 1. Nano Glutathione 40,000 mg. 2. Royal Gally Extract 3,000 mg. 3. Grape seed extract 1,500 mg. 4. Cranberry 1,500 mg. 5. Collagen Peptide 500 mg


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