Stylage Hydromax 1ml



Stylage Hydromax 1ml

Stylage Hydromax 1ml

STYLAGE Hydro Max is the first hyaluronic acid mesotherapy product weakly cross-linked to enhance the product’s durability into the skin tissues and prolong the beneficial effects of the treatment.

The presence of sorbitol, a powerful antioxidant and moisturizing agent, which helps the skin to retain water and thereby maintain hydration, limits the immediate degradation of weakly cross-linked HA, thus guaranteeing an immediate sensation of freshness and long-lasting moisturizing effect of the HydroMAX treatment.

This innovative formula, combining cross-linked HA and sorbitol, provides immediate and long-lasting rehydration for the skin allowing the true restructuring of the dermis and epidermis optimized over time.

The gel’s fluid texture makes it easy to inject and to massage ensuring even distribution of the product injected into the tissues.


Slightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid IPN-Like + sorbitol

12,5 mg/g

Each box contains one 1 ml pre-filled glass, latex free syringe of STYLAGE Hydro gel, sterilized by moist heat autoclaving, and two single use sterile needles, one 30G½ needle and one 30G?

Dermo-epidermal junction / superficial dermis

depends on the area being treated and the level of dehydration:

Papular serial-puncture technique (into the middle to deep dermis)
Nappage technique (in the dermo-epidermal junction zone)

D0 – D30 (+) D90 = 2 injection sessions depending on the degree of dehydration and the technique applied carried out at 1 month interval, then 1 session to renew two months later, if necessary. Regular touch-up sessions will enhance the lasting effect of the desired correction.

STYLAGE HydroMax is an injectable mesotherapy product indicated for:

Very dry/dehydrated skin deep instant hydration
Dermal restructuring treatment
Skin elasticity improvement
Revitalization of the face, neck and décolleté area
Hand rejuvenation.


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